Former CASA PhD Students

Student School/Year Advisors Thesis
Isurumali Neththikumara Old Dominion University, 2023 Alex Bogacz,
Todd Satogata
Optics Studies for Multipass Energy Recovery at CEBAF: ER@CEBAF
Bhawin Dhital Old Dominion University, 2022 Fanglei Lin,
Geoff Krafft
Dual Energy Electron Storage Ring Cooler Design for Relativistic Ion Beams
Lasitha Vidyaratne Old Dominion University, 2020 Chris Tennant
Deep Cellualar Recurrent Neutral Architecture for Efficient Multidimensional Time-Series Data Processing
Yan Wang Old Dominion University, 2018 Geoff Krafft
Development of a 300 kV DC High Voltage Photogun
and Beam-Based Studies of Alkali Antimonide Photocathodes
Salvador Sosa Old Dominion University, 2018 Vasiliy Morozov, Jean Delayen
Crab Cavity Requirements for the Jefferson Lab Electron-Ion Collider
Bamunuvita Randika Prasad Gamage Old Dominion University, 2018 Todd Satogata
Ion Bunch Formation Strategies for the JLEIC Collider
Cheng-Ying Tsai Virginia Tech, 2017 Rui Li
Investigation of Microbunching Instabilities in Modern Recirculating Accelerators
Alex Castilla Old Dominion University, 2017 Jean Delayn,
Geoff Krafft,
Todd Satogata
Crabbing System for an Electrion-Ion Collider
Kirsten Deitrick Old Dominion University, 2017 Jean Delayn,
Geoff Krafft,
Todd Satogata
Inverse Compton Light Source: A Compact Design Proposal
Mahmoud Ahmad Old Dominion University, 2016 Arne Freyberger
Geoff Krafft
CEBAF Upgrade Bunch Length Measurements
Subashini Uddika De Silva Old Dominion University, 2014 Jean Delayen Investigation and Optimization of a New Compact Superconducting Cavity for Deflecting and Crabbing Applications
Ilkyoung Shin University of Connecticut, 2013 Kyungseon Joo
Todd Satogata
Byung Yunn
Multipass Beam Breakup Study at Jefferson Lab for the 12 GeV CEBAF Upgrade
Ryan Bodenstein University of Virginia, 2012 Michael Tiefenback
Blaine Norum
A Procedure for Beamline Characterization and Tuning in Open-Ended Beamlines
Serkan Golge Old Dominion University, 2010 Arne Fryberger
Charles Hyde
Feasibility and conceptual design of a C.W. positron source at CEBAF
Alicia Hofler Old Dominion University, 2012 Hani El-Sayed Ali
Pavel Evtushenko
Optimization Framework for a Radio Frequency Gun Based Injector
Zhang Hai Li Joseph Bisognano
Chuyu Liu Peking University Geoff Krafft
Kui Zhao
Beam size measurement by optical diffraction radiation and Laser system for Compton polarimeter
Philippe Piot Universite Joseph Fourier Grenoble Courtland Bohn High brightnes electron beam diagnostics and their applications to beam dynamics in a superconducting energy-recovering free-electron laser
Hisham Sayed Old Dominion University, 2011 Alex Bogacz
Geoff Krafft
Compensation techniques in accelerator physics
Senthilraja Singaravelu Old Dominion University, 2011 Michael Kelley
Geoff Krafft
Laser Processing of Metals and Polymers
Nicholas Sereno University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaing, 2005 Charles Sinclair
Lawrence Cardman
Experimental studies of multipass beam breakup and energy recovery using the CEBAF injector linac
Mike Spata Old Dominion University, 2012 Geoff Krafft Application of Chebyshev Formalism to Identify Nonlinear Magnetic Field Components in Beam Transport Systems
Chris Tennant William and Mary, 2006 Lia Merminga
Keith Griffioen
Studies of energy recovery linacs at Jefferson Laboratory
Guimai Wang Peking University Chuyu Chao
Kui Zhao
Beam line design and beam physics study of Energy Recovery Linac Free Electron Laser at Peking University