Center for Advanced Studies of Accelerators

 CASA Seminars

2008 Beam Physics and CASA Seminars


12/4/08 Beam Physics Seminar Don Hartill
  Second Sound as a Cavity Diagnostic Tool   (Slides) Cornell University
12/3/08 Beam Physics Seminar John Paul Wallace
  Novel Applications of Spectroscopy to Study Hydrogen   (Slides) Casting Analysis Corp.


11/7/08 Beam Physics Seminar Jay Benesch
  Magnet Modeling in 3D with Opera/Tosca   (Slides) Jefferson Lab
11/3/08 Beam Physics Seminar Joseph Bisognano
  Wisconsin Free Electron Laser (WiFEL) Initiative  (Slides) Wisconsin Synchrotron Radiation Center


10/17/08 Beam Physics Seminar Anatoly Kondratenko
  Transparent Spin Resonance Crossing in Accelerators  (Slides) Zaryad Laboratory
10/16/08 Beam Physics Seminar Gabriele Bassi
  A Vlasov-Maxwell Solver to Study Microbunching Instability in the FERMI@ELETTRA First Bunch Compressor System   (Slides) Univeristy of Liverpool and Cockcroft Institute


9/25/08 Beam Physics Seminar Pavel Evtushenko, Kevin Jordan, Carlos H. Garcia, Steve  Benson, Dave
  Highlights of the 2008 Free-Electron Laser Conference  (Slides) Douglas, JLab
9/18/08 Beam Physics Seminar Eric Prebys
  Life After the Energy Frontier:  The Future of Fermilab (Slides) FermiLab
9/12/08 Beam Physics Seminar Akira Yamamoto
  Global Effort for Superconducting RF Cavity Development in the Technical Design Phase for ILC  (Slides) KEK
9/4/08 Beam Physics Seminar Valentin Ivanov


High-Order Approximations of Greens Function Technique in Forming and Transport of Intensive Beams (Slides) Muons, Inc.


Summer Hiatus  


Summer Hiatus  


6/19/08 Beam Physics Seminar Carlos Hernandez-Garcia
  FEL Gun Test Stand, From Construction to Beam Operations  (Slides) Jefferson Lab


4/25/08 Beam Physics Seminar G. Lawrence Carr
  Terahertz Dynamics of Materials in Strong Fields  (Slides) Brookhaven Nat'l. Lab.
4/17/08 Joint Seminar Ken Sheppard
  SRF Development for FRIB at Argonne  (Slides) Argonne Nat'l. Lab
4/3/08 Beam Physics Seminar Balsa Terzic
  Orthogonal Basis Function Approximations of Particle Distributions in Numerical Simulations of Beams  (Slides) NICADD,
Northern IL University


3/27/08 Beam Physics Seminar Joseph Heyman
  Nonlinear Acoustic Materials Characterization  (Slides) Luna Innovations, Inc.


2/28/08 Beam Physics Seminar Dr. Peter Ostroumov
  Accelerators for the Advanced Exotic Beam Facility  (Slides) Argonne Nat'l. Lab.
2/14/08 Beam Physics Seminar Dave Gaskell
  Electron Beam Polarimetry at Jefferson Lab (Slides) Jefferson Lab


For more information, please contact Dr. Alex Bogacz, Chair of CASA Seminar Committee.