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Topics in Advanced Accelerator Design (TAAD1)

  Fall 2012

        G. A. Krafft and J. Delayen

        Fall Term,   Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA
  • Outline
  • Historical Introduction to Accelerators:          Geoff Krafft
  • Electromagnetism for Accelerators:               Geoff Krafft
  • More Electromagnetism for Accelerators:      Todd Satogata
  • Cyclotrons and Betatrons:                              Todd Satogata
  • Mechanics:                                                     Geoff Krafft
  • RF and SRF:                                                   Jean Delayen
  • Electron Sources:                                           Joe Grames
  • Electron Sources II:                                        Joe Grames
  • Relativistic Mechanics:                                   Geoff Krafft
  • RF/RF Control:                                                Curt Hovater
  • Cryogenics:                                                     Rao Ganni
  • Linear Optics I:                                               Geoff Krafft
  • Beam Instrumentation:                                   Pavel Evtushenko
  • Linear Optics II:                                              Geoff Krafft
  • Magnets:                                                         Paul Brindza
  • Synchrotrons:                                                  Todd Satogata
  • Lecture 11 X-ray Sources/ FELs:                                   Geoff Krafft
  • Accelerator Control:                                        Hari Areti

Updated August 20, 2013
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