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2009 Beam Physics and CASA Seminars
and Accelerator Division Seminars

Accelerator Seminar Committee:
  Co-Chairs: Alex Bogacz, and Anne-Marie Valente
    Members: Carlos Hernandez- Garcia, Joe Grames and Gwyn Williams,

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10/29/09 Beam Physics Seminar Vadim Dudnikov
  Polarized Light Ion Sources and Heavy Ion Sources   (Slides - pdf) Muons, Inc.
10/29/09 Beam Physics Seminar George Nemes
  Laser Beams and Optics Characterization.  New Zoom-Type Optical Systems
for Extended Laser Applications
   (Slides - pdf)
10/22/09 Beam Physics Seminar Steve Benson
  Highlights of the 2009 FEL Conference   (Slides - pdf) Jefferson Lab
10/15/09 Beam Physics Seminar Trent Allison
  Digital Self Excited Loop Implementation and Experience   (Slides - pdf ) Jefferson Lab
10/1/09 Special Accelerator Colloquium Gianluigi Ciovati
  High-Field Losses in SRF Cavities   (Slides - pdf) Jefferson Lab


9/30/09 Beam Physics Seminar Christina Oyon
  The European Spallation Source - The Next Generation Facility for Material Research and Life Science   (Slides - pdf) ESS - Bilboa
9/11/09 Beam Physics Seminar Chong Shik Park
  Investigations of Electromagnetic Space-Charge Effects in Beam Physics   (Slides - pdf)  
9/10/09 Beam Physics Seminar Gabriele Bassi
  Microbunching Instability in a Chicane:  Two-Dimensional Mean Field Treatment   (Slides - pdf )  


8/31/09 Beam Physics Seminar Grigory V. Eremeev
  My Studies of the High Field Q-Slope at Cornell University and Current SRF Research at LANL   (Slides - pdf)  
8/27/09 Beam Physics Seminar Frank Marhauser & Haipeng Wang
  Investigation on Critical High Order Modes in CEBAF Upgrade Cavities  (Slides - pdf ) Jefferson Lab
8/18/09 Beam Physics Seminar Omer Yavas
  Turkish Accelerator Center Project   (Slides - pdf ) Ankara University
8/18/09 Beam Physics Seminar Andreas Adelmann
  The Object Oriented Parallel Accelerator Library (OPAL), Design, Implementation and Application  (Slides - pdf) Paul Scherrer Institute
8/17/09 Beam Physics Seminar Shilun Pei
  Damping Effect Studies for X-Band Normal Conducting High Gradient Standing Wave Structures   (Slides - pdf)  
8/13/09 Beam Physics Seminar Chad Mitchell
  Computation of Transfer Maps from Surface Data with Applications to LHC Quadrupoles and ILC Damping Ring Wigglers  (Slides - pdf)  


7/30/09 Beam Physics Seminar Sandra Brereton
  Overview of the National Ignition Facility and Discussion of Operational Hazards  (Slides - pdf ) LLNL


6/9/09 Beam Physics Seminar Jayanta Mondal
  Characterization of Ingot Niobium Materials for SRF Cavity Production  (Slides - pdf ) Bhabha Atomic Research Center
6/4/09 Beam Physics Seminar Balsa Terzic
  Simluations of Coherent Synchrotron Radiation and Wavelet Methodology   (Slides - pdf) NICADD, Northern IL Univ.


5/28/09 Beam Physics Seminar Vasiliy Morozov
  Spin-Manipulating Polarized Protons and Deuterons   (Slides - pdf) University of Michigan
5/21/09 Beam Physics Seminar Xi Lu
  Niobium Surface Treatment Study at Peking University    (Slides - pdf) Peking University
5/14/09 Beam Physics Seminar Jianfeng Zhang
  Study on Electron Spin Dynamics and Its Applications   (Slides - pdf) Duke University


4/20/09 Beam Physics Seminar Paul Dumas
  The SOLEIL Synchrotron Facility in France   (Slides - pdf) Synchrotron SOLEIL, France


Beam Physics Seminar Bernhard W. Adams
4/1/09 Few-Femtosecond Synchronism of X-Rays to Visible Light in an X-Ray
Free-Electron Laser
Argonne Nat'l Lab.


2/26/09 Beam Physics Seminar Roy Crooks
  Strain Energy, Pitting and Thermal Quenching in ILC Cavities   (Slides) Black Laboratories
2/20/09 Beam Physics Seminar Wayne Cornelius
  Electron Cooling Module   (Slides)  
2/18/09 Beam Physics Seminar Jean Delayen
  A New TEM-Type Deflecting and Crabbing RF Structure   (Slides - pdf) JLab
2/12/09 Beam Physics Seminar Giulio Stancari
  The Development of a Prototype Positron Source for CEBAF as part of the ISU/JLab Collaboration in Accelerator Physics and Education   (Slides - pdf ) Idaho State University
2/5/09 Beam Physics Seminar Andrei Afanasev
  Laser-Based Search for Dark Matter Particles   (Slides - pdf) Hampton University


1/28/09 Beam Physics Seminar Mike Syphers
  Tevatron Run II - From Rags to Riches   (Slides - pdf) FermiLab
1/21/09 Beam Physics Seminar S. Y. Lee
  ICA Development and Its Applications in Beams   (Slide - pdf) Indiana University
1/6/09 Beam Physics Seminar Susan Smith, Neil Bliss
  Current Status of the Accelerator Projects at Daresbury Lab (Slides - pdf) Daresbury Laboratory

For more information, please contact Dr. Alex Bogacz, Chair of CASA Seminar Committee.