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Feb 10 2017 JLEIC Ion Integration Meeting (and Notes)

Beam Parameter Spreadsheet

  • Todd has developed a draft beam parameters spreadsheet (png), including input parameters and derived parameters
  • Note that these are explicitly beam parameters, (mostly) not accelerator hardware parameters (e.g. lattices, instrumentation, etc)
    • Should we make the case to reorganize the parameters wiki area to separate beam and lattice parameters?
  • Three goals:
    • Ensure consistency of design beam parameters at matchpoints between JLEIC machines
    • Provide input to impedance and instability calculations, and broader beam simulation effort
    • Serve as a machine-by-machine beam parameter reference for the eventual CDR

R&D Items: Ion Integration

  • Bunch formation (Jiquan, Todd, Randy; Ed, Vasiliy)
    • Most pressing immediate need is to characterize bunch formation plan through Booster and Collider rings
    • All beams start as coasting beams at Booster injection, so no major impact from ion source/ion linac parameters
  • Ion source (Amy) / Linac (Todd/Brahim) / LtB / Booster injection (Ed)
    • Linac cost
    • Pulsed ion QWR/HWR gradients and RF control
    • Booster space charge control
    • Booster injection design
    • Transverse/longitudinal emittance budget vs DC cooling
    • Polarization
  • Booster extraction (Ed/Todd?) / Booster to Collider (Todd, Yves?) / Collider injection (Vasiliy?)
  • Coordination with other groups
    • Beam cooling (Steve Benson et al.: Booster DC, Collider)
    • Instability/impedance (Rui Li et al.)

Reference Materials


  • TBD