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Jan 13 2017 JLEIC Ion Integration Meeting (and Notes)

Parameter Updates

  • Yuhong presented a strong cooling parameter update at the Jan 12 2017 JLEIC R&D Meeting.
  • This included some substantial impacts on a broad set of parameters for JLEIC.
  • Rui is also starting to develop a work and priority plan for impedances/instabilities this calendar year.
  • Discuss and set out objectives for next few months:

Ion Source R&D at LBNL

  • Mike was at LBNL for an 88-inch cyclotron ops review this past week
  • One item worth noting is their ECRIS ion source R&D for VENUS and MARS.
  • We will briefly discuss any possible implications. Note that Amy came to us from LBL!


  • Last meeting we noted the following -- progress?
    • Yves is working with Rui and others to start developing an impedance budget -- progress?
      • This partly uses ZAP for some calculations, but some calculations (e.g. IR region beampipe) require calculations with approximate expected geometry.
      • Todd is also concerned about BPM designs for the collider ring with long and short bunches (before and after splitting).
      • Vasiliy noted that Roman Pots in the ion collider ring at <math>\approx 10\sigma</math> may also have significant impedance impact.
      • Tim notes that an engineering team is starting to assemble to evaluate integration needs, e.g. power supply/magnets. BPM and instrumentation design may be part of this.

Reference Materials


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