PITMinutes 04-13-2015

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R. Bachimanchi, S. Cooper, M. Drury, C. Hovater, A. Freyberger, R. Geng, L. King, G. Krafft, F. Marhauser (end), C. Mounts, T. Plawski, J. Preble, H. Wang, H. Zhang

Agenda and Notes

  1. Operations Status and Summary
  2. R100 Vibrations/Correlations (Plawski) Attached presentation made. Investigation to continue. Accelerometer placement discussion for tomorrow should be completed including King, Davis, Plawski, and other interested parties to resolve proper location.
  3. Cryo Load Minimization (Krafft) Moved to OPS WG meeting on Wednesday

Documents and Presentations

Action Items

  1. Working Group Minutes Location (Freyberger, Krafft)