PITMinutes 12-02-2019

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K. Baggett, M. Bickley, M. Drury, C. Hovater, R. Geng, C. Ginsburg, A. Hutton, A. Kimber, G. Krafft, F. Marhauser, C. Mounts, R. Nelson, T. Plawski, T. Powers, C. Reece, R. Rimmer, and A. Solopova

Agenda and Notes

1. Operations Status and Summary/Review (Bickley)

RF is up. LEMed to 1031 MeV. Trip Rate viable. Enhanced trip rate indicated on 1L25, but at high gradient. Preparing for early high current test.

2. Vacuum Interlock Upgrades (Powers)

Vacuum Interlocks Modifications Proposed

3. Particle Counter Update (Geng)

Particulates in Viton