PITMinutes 11-23-2015

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R. Bachimanchi, J. Benesch, M. Bickley, J. Creel, A. Freyberger, C. Hovater, A. Hutton, G. Krafft, C. Mounts, T. Plawski, R. Rimmer, H. Wang

Agenda and Notes

Mike Drury will report in two weeks from now on He processing. C. Reece/R. Geng will report in two weeks on cavity contamination.

1. Operations Status and Summary

The North Linac Helium pressure is now 0.0345 bar, updated to improve the Qs. Still not clear whether it helped lower the Qs.

Arne reports that preliminary assessment of Mike's data means that we should be able to run the C20s low enough that trip rates will be good.

RF soak status? Complete, gradient calibration complete. South Linac Status? soak is down. Optimizing c20s and c50s still need to be complete. Meeting 12 GeV rqs on North and close on south, but still short about 10 cavities! Horray!!!!!!

2. 10 Hz Noise in Linac (Davis)

3. 1L22 Investigations/Findings/Cure (Mounts/Suhring/Bachimanchi)

10 Htz in LLRF was causing iunable lock at high amplitude. Many things turned off LCw Zbelow and in service buildings, open and closed JT, pwer supplies.etc. during kirks measurement. ear on cryomodule experiment could hear effect on tuner, noticed some of the feet were "free. put the free foot on floor not helping. Fixed proble by putty knife under foot. rms LLRF fluctuation down by factor of two and could run full gradient. Still need more damping for high current beam loading in future. Installation crews are going to examine all the c100s in Jan. Have plan in place in case of opportunistic examination. Why 10 Hz now and not in spring still not clear. Rama and matalovich to come up with plan.

In R100 major mechanical noise source is 800 Hz.

4. Q0/Heaters Work Around (Freyberger)

  + Media:ModuleQ.pdf

On long term, rethink heater process/settings.

5. Options for Obtaining Energy Margin (Powers)

6. Module up to air investigation

7. C75 Project Summary Documentation (Krafft, Freyberger)

  • First Draft version is attached below, modeled on tables in the

Cornell ERL "Project Definition Design Report". It contains input from Rimmer, Hutton, and Krafft but needs work on the cryomodule side. Daly and Mounts to help complete. Arne to derive cooling power requirement for charter document. Arne suggested publishing in tech note in about 6 weeks. Krafft will shepherd.

8. CEBAF Beamline Vacuum (Geng)

Action Items

Complete Project Charter Document; Project Leader (Freyberg, Rimmer, Krafft, Hutton)

Data mining for field emission (Geng)

C75 parameter table! (krafft, rimmer, marhauser)

Heat For Project Charter (freyberger)