PITMinutes 04-25-2016

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S. Cooper, M. Drury, A. Freyberger, C. Hovater, A. Hutton, R. Geng, G. Krafft, F. Marhauser, C. Mounts, R. Nelson, T. Plawski, T. Powers, C. Reece, R. Rimmer, T. Reilly, S. Suhring

Agenda and Notes

1. Operations Status and Summary

OPS Staytreat Focus on reliability

Shutdown for open house started

Radiation not as bad as has been near C100s

Running lower gradient on suspected high FEs.

Users informed near term 1050/linac instead of 1090 11.6 GeV

People considering optimizing on radiation for future ops.

Why have we lost 15-25 MV/module compared to commissioning period?

2. Gradient Maintenance Team (Mounts)

Scope Creep?

3. FE/Particulate Meeting Report (Geng)

Follow on activity and future planning

4. C100 Gradient Recovery Planning

He processing the rest?

Capture degradation rate?

Other ideas?

Action Items