PITMinutes 04-11-2016

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R. Bachimanchi, S. Cooper, E. Daly, M. Drury, A. Freyberger, C. Hovater, R. Geng, G. Krafft, F. Marhauser, C. Mounts, R. Nelson, C. Reece, T. Plawski, H. Zhang

Agenda and Notes

1. Operations Status and Summary

OPS Staytreat Focus on reliability

Field emission and implications to reliability

Who could talk to improvements in recovery time? (originally Sage, Lahti, controls)

Invite Legg group make presentation

ABUs this weekend, even Hall B

TDR measurement

2. C75 (Marhauser/Rimmer)

3. FE/Particulate Meeting Report (Geng)

Action Items

Complete Particulate Report Edits by next meeting (Geng)