Model Team Jan 13 2015

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Alicia Hofler, Theo Larrieu, Rui Li, Yves Roblin, Todd Satogata, Dennis Turner, He Zhang


  1. Preparation for Feb 13th restart
    1. Current decks status/CED status
    2. Hall B model for upcoming run
    3. Inclusion of 5th pass separation
    4. Allsave/CED crosscheck tool
  2. Tesplans review
    1. Which were done and report
    2. What is left to do and prioritize it
  1. Mid to long term model development
    1. Cebaf linac cavity modeling status report
    2. Integrate injector model with CEBAF model
    3. Dogleg focussing studies. Does it have to be included in model ?
    4. Develop procedure to crosscheck measured body gradient with machine.
    5. Feature requests for operational tools (EDT,elegant,etc..)
      1. EDT to have support for loading alternate optics via SDDS
      2. qSUtility to support zigzag scans
    6. Inclusion of multipole in model. Where is it needed ?
    7. Study of effect of orbits in spreader/recombiner on
      1. First and second order dispersion terms
    8. Linac accelerating profiles loaded into model
      1. Evaluate effect on focussing and need to rematch at spreader