IPAC 2020 JLEIC Related Presentations and Posters

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  1. A Proposed Beam-Beam Test Facility COMBINE (submitted, ID 2685)
    E. Nissen, G. Krafft, J. Delayen
  2. Updated Booster Complex for the Jefferson Lab Electron Ion Collider (submitted, ID 2721)
    E. Nissen
  3. Redesigning of the Jefferson Lab Magnetized DC Photo-Gun and Diagnostic Beamline for High Bunch Charge Operations (submitted, ID 3226)
    Sajini Wijethunga (ODU), Jay Benesch, Fay Hannon, Carlos Hernandez-Garcia, Md Mamun, Matt Poelker, Riad Suleiman, Shukui Zhang (JLab), Jean Delayen, Geoffrey Krafft, Gabriel Gerardo Palacios Serrano (JLab; ODU)
  4. Update on the Jefferson Electron-Ion Collider Design (abstract) (submitted, ID 3810)
    JLEIC accelerator collaboration
    • Max: The abstract text has an awkward comma splice in it that makes reading the third-to-last sentence impossible. I would suggest changing it like this: ...for JLEIC. A comprehensive...
    • Max: Also, the title in the abstract file may be missing a "Lab".
    • Max: I think W. Wittman needs to be W. Wittmer, and he's also missing a comma.
  5. Recent Progress on the Harmonic Kicker Development for the JLIEC CCR/ERL Based Electron Cooler (submitted, ID 3827)
    Gunn-Tae Park, Jiquan Guo, James Henry, Matt Marchlik, Frank Marhauser, Robert Rimmer, Sarah Solomon, Haipeng Wang, Shaoheng Wang
  6. RF systems for the JLEIC collider rings (submitted, ID 3831)
    Jiquan Guo, Rui Li, Frank Marhauser, Robert Rimmer, Haipeng Wang, Shaoheng Wang
  7. Further Experimental Demonstration of Ion Beam Cooling with Pulsed Electron Beam (submitted? ID 3833)
    Y. Zhang*, S. Benson, M. Bruker, C. Grenoble, A. Hutton, K. Jordan, T. Powers, R. Rimmer, A. Sy, H. Wang, S. Wang, H. Zhang, L. J. Mao, H. Zhao, M. T. Tang, J. Li, X. M. Ma, X. D. Yang, J. C. Yang, H. W. Zhao
  8. Luminosity and Beam Dynamics in JLEIC with Beam-Beam Interaction and Crab Crossing (submitted, ID 4108)
    H. Huang*, F. Lin, V. Morozov, Y. Roblin, A. Sy, Y. Zhang, I. Neththikumara, S. Zhao
  9. Experimental Scenarios for Verification of Transparent Spin Concept (submitted, ID 4110)
    H. Huang*, V.S. Morozov, F. Lin, Y. Zhang, Ya.S. Derbenev, A.M. Kondratenko, M.A. Kondratenko, Yu.N. Filatov, P. Adams, H.X. Huang, F. Méot, V. Ptitsyn, W. Schmidke
  10. Preservation of a high polarization by a continuous injection in the JLEIC electron collider ring (submitted, ID 4624)
    Fanglei Lin*, Fanglei Lin, Desmond Barber, Slava Derbenev, Jiquan Guo, Vasiliy Morozov, Yuhong Zhang
  11. Update on the Electron Beam Design in the JLEIC Figure-8 Ring (submitted, ID 4625)
    Fanglei Lin*, Jiquan Guo, Vasiliy Morozov, Marcy Stutzman, Mark Wiseman and Yuhong Zhang
  12. Beam Dynamics in A Two Energy Storage Ring Cooler (submitted, ID 4628)
    Fanglei Lin*, Yaroslav Derbenev, Bhawin Dhital, Geoffery Krafft, Vasiliy Morozov and Yuhong Zhang
  13. A High-energy DC Electron Cooler for Staged Beam Cooling in JLEIC (submitted, ID 4631)
    Max Bruker*, Steve Benson, Yaroslav Derbenev, Robert Rimmer and Yuhong Zhang
    File:IPAC2020 DC cooler abstract 20191203.docx
  14. Progress on Collective-Effect Studies for JLEIC (submitted, ID 4633)
    Rui Li
  15. Status of Impedance Studies for JLEIC (submitted, ID 4646)
    Rui Li, Frank Marhauser, Bob Rimmer, Haipeng Wang, Jiquan Guo, Shaoheng Wang, Tim Michalski, Mark Wiseman, Chuck Hutton, HyeKyong Park
  16. Analysis of coupled-bunch instabilities with uneven bunch fill (submitted, ID 4661)
    Rui Li
  17. Study of FFQ Multipole Compensation in JLEIC (submitted, ID 4662)
    R. Gamage, F. Lin, T. Michalski, V. Morozov, R. Rajput-Shoshal, M. Wiseman, G. Sabbi, Y. Cai, Y. Nosochkov, M. Sullivan
  18. Optimization of the IBS Rate in the JLEIC Ion Collider Ring (submitted, ID 4665)
    R. Gamage, A. Hutton, V. Morozov, T. Satogata, A. Seryi, Y. Zhang, V. Lebedev, W. Wittmer
  19. Stripping chicane design for the JLEIC ion linac JLEIC ion linac (submitted, ID 4762)
    Amy Sy
  20. Estimates of intrabeam stripping of H- ions in the JLEIC ion linac with PyORBIT (submitted, ID 4768)
    A. Sy, M. Clyburn, and T. Satogata
  21. Simulation of the Sweeping Effect in Electron Cooling (submitted, ID 5307)
    H. Zhang*, Ya. Derbenev, Y. Zhang, S. Benson
  22. Application of CERN's Theoretical and Experimental Results on Crab Crossing to an EIC (submitted, ID 5398)
    V. Morozov, G. Krafft, H.K. Park, S. De Silva, J. Delayen
  23. Development of JLEIC Crab Cavity (submitted, ID 5471)
    H.K. Park, J. Armstrong, S. Williams, S. De Silva, J. Delayen