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Jun 16 2017 JLEIC Ion Integration Meeting

JLEIC Documentation Discussion

  • Todd, Mike, Yuhong, Walt Akers, and Rik Yoshida had a JLEIC documentation meeting earlier this morning
  • Discussion items included
    • Some inconsistencies observed in recent high-level tables in JLEIC DocDB
    • Plans for JLEIC tech note consolidation in JLEIC DocDB, philosophy of use
    • Update on JLEIC subversion repository
    • JLEIC parameter documentation, review/release guidance

Collider Ring Harmonic Numbers (Jiquan)

  • Jiquan has produced a draft tech note Variation of JLEIC RF Parameters due to Synchronization Requirements
  • Contains narrative and top-level RF parameters for collider rings at ion KE=100 GeV
  • Can be used as a live document/reference, with parameters updated as collider ring circumferences are updated
  • Suggest that it be reviewed and go into JLEIC DocDB for version 1 as is, and linked from CASA parameter wiki pages
  • Then distribute to relevant parties (Andrew Hutton/Andrew Dotson, Todd/Randy, Vasiliy/Fanglei, ...).

Polarized Source / ANL (Amy)

  • Amy/Zack (ANL): First telecon held Wed Jun 14 15:00
    • Amy, Fulvia, Ed, Yuhong, Slava, Todd, James Maxwell (JLab); Zack/Brahim (ANL); Vadim Dudnikov (Muons, listened in)
    • ANL looking for technical feedback on ABPIS (resonant charge exchange ionizer) -- is this appropriate technology?
    • ANL have Cesium sources available, some modest funds in near-term for design/costing of APBIS as input to their EBIS, and polarimetry
    • Polarized light ion source needs are common for JLab/BNL proposals
    • Amy suggested an SBIR with ANL/Muons/JLab as a path forward
  • ANL visit (Todd, Tue Jul 11)
    • Coordinating visit, meeting plan with Brahim/Zack
    • Brahim: summer student extending linac to high energy
    • Linac lattice baseline/parameter area to be shared via Dropbox, reflected in JLEIC Baseline Parameters wiki
    • Linac/Booster optimal Pb charge state (67+?) (see previous meeting)

Booster Ramping

Linac/Booster Pb Charge State

  • ANL has mostly been simulating/optimizing the low energy linac (c.f. HB'16 talk/paper by Ostroumov)
    • This affects charge state and stripping optimization, but does not affect latest optimizations to handle RFQ heavy ion losses
    • Heavy ion source expected to have 1-2 pi mm-mrad normalized emittance; which is it?
  • Brahim has noted that 67+ may not be the optimal charge state for the baseline high energy linac
  • Brahim and Todd are continuing to discuss
    • Tradeoff of space charge vs stripping efficiency/pulse intensity
    • Todd's initial feeling is that this is a relatively flat optimization