Center for Advanced Studies of Accelerators

 CASA Seminars

2010 Beam Physics and CASA Seminars

12/14/10 ICHIRO Cavity Progress at JLab Fumio Furuta
KEK High Energy Accelerator Research Org.
12/14/10 Recent Status at STF and JLab - KEK Collaboration for MHI#8 Kirk Yamamoto
KEK High Energy Accelerator Research Org.
12/2/10 Pre-Boosters Design Studies for the Medium Energy Electron Ion Collider at JLab Shashikant Manikonda
Argonne National Lab
11/23/10 Spin Response Formalism and Spin Matching Vadim Ptitsyn
Brookhaven National Lab
11/18/10 ADS in china & Future Projects at IMP Yuan He
Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
11/17/10 The Effective Fine Structure Constant of Graphene - COLLOQUIUM Peter Abbamonte
University of IL, Urbana-Champaign
11/11/10 IHEP SRF R&D on ILC, ERL and ADS Jiyuan Zhai
Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
11/10/10 Development of Two Digital Beam Feedback Systems to Dam Longitudinal Beam Instabilities at the PLS and Duke University Storage Rings Yujong Kim
Idaho State University, Jefferson Lab
11/4/10 Coherent Synchrotron Radiation in the Cornell ERL SLIDES Christopher Mayes
Cornell University
10/28/10 Development of Laser Stripping at the SNS SLIDES Timofey Gorlov
Oak Ridge National Lab
10/20/10 Orbits in Superconducting RF Cavities - A Challenge for Established Physics David Fryberger
10/14/10 LHeC Recirculator with Energy Recovery - Beam Optics Choices SLIDES

Alex Bogacz
Jefferson Lab
10/13/10 Measuring the Electric Dipole Moment of the Neutron: The CryoEDM Experiment Christine Clarke
10/1/10 GUINEVERE: an ADS mock-up experiment Maud Baylac
Laboratoire de Physique Subatomique et de Cosmologie
9/23/10 Probing the Symmetry of the Pseudogap in Cuprate Superconductors - Experimental Difficulties in ARPES Ari Palczewski
9/16/10 Validation of nm-Stabilization of CLIC Quadrupoles with Beam Experiments (slides - pdf) SLIDES Hermann Schmickler
9/13/10 Status of X-Ray Free Electron Lasers (XFELs) and New Directions Yujong Kim
Idaho State University & Jefferson Lab
8/13/10 High Field Q Drip in Superconducting Nb RF Cavities: Caused by Magnetic or Electric RF Fields? J. Halbritter
8/4/10 NSLS II: Transfer Line Design Guimei Wang
Brookhaven National Lab
7/14/10 The European Spallation Source - COLLOQUIUM Mats Lindroos
Lund University
7/8/10 Soreq Applied Research Accelerator Facility - Phase I Status and Looking Ahead to Phase II - COLLOQUIUM Israel Mardor
7/1/10 Thermonuclear Fusion, ITER and Superconductivity
SLIDES Ettore Salpietro
6/10/10 Penetration Depth Studies on YBa2Cu4O8 Cuprate and Novel Iron-Based Superconductor: LaFePO and Fe2SeTe Alessandro Serafin
6/8/10 Interlayer Magnetoresistance Oscillations in the Q1D Molecular Organic Conductor Pashupati Dhakal
6/7/10 MEIC Design Studies: Chromacity Correction and Spin Rotators Hisham Sayed
Old Dominion University
6/3/10 Twin-Helix Magnetic Channel for Parametric-resonance Ionization Cooling SLIDES Vasiliy S. Morozov
Old Dominion University
5/13/10 Maintaining Multi-pass Synchronism at CEBAF: Techniques Used for Accelerator Operation and the Outlook for the 12 GeV Future Michael Tiefenback
Jefferson Lab
5/6/10 International Linear Collider - Interaction Region Design SLIDES Andrei Seryi
4/29/10 Coherent Electron Cooling SLIDES Vladimir Litvinenko
Brookhaven National Lab
3/30/10 Thin Film Coatings and Guide Materials for Use in Ultra Cold Neutron Experiments Russell Mammei
VA Tech
3/25/10 Polarized Proton at RHIC: Status and Future Plan SLIDES Mei Bai
Brookhaven National Lab
2/5/10 The Search for the Nuclear Phase Space Critical Point at RHIC Todd Satogata
Brookhaven National Lab
1/27/10 The SuperB Accelerator: Design and Upgrade SLIDES Michael Sullivan
1/21/10 High Order Achromatic Optics for FRIB Fragment Separators: Transfer Maps, Differential Algebraic Methods and Symmetries SLIDES Bela Erdelyi
Argonne National Lab
1/7/10 Muon Collider Ring Lattice Design SLIDES Alexandr Netepenko
Fermi Lab
1/4/10 Novel Features of Computational Electromagnetics and Particle-In-Cell Simulations SLIDES Shahid Ahmed
IL Institute of Technology