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Beam Physics Seminar
Sponsored by the Accelerator Division

“Electron Guns for the ILC and CLIC”


Matt Poelker
Jefferson Lab
The Polarized Source Group at JLab has made a commitment to contribute to the development of polarized electron guns for the ILC and CLIC. These pulsed-machines operate in regimes markedly different from CEBAF (high bunch charge, peak current and current density), and provide an excellent opportunity to expand our skill set. Conversely, we can help ensure success of these new machines by applying some of the important CEBAF lessons-learned toward new gun design (vacuum, photocathode handling). This talk presents a brief overview of the ILC and CLIC photoinjector requirements and describes our initial photogun R&D focus.

Thursday, December 13, 2007
3:30 p.m.
ARC, Room 231/233


Talk Slides: (Slides)
For further info, please contact Alex Bogacz at x5784*