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JLEIC pre-Conceptual Design Report

Working Copy

The pCDR LaTeX source files and build history are all version controlled in the JLab svn repository for JLEIC. The latest build, versioning notes, and build history are maintained in this location that is web-accessible.

Physics group contributions are being built on gitlab and Overleaf:

  • Detector and IR design (managed by Markus Diefenthaler): gitlab link
  • Earlier section in Overleaf (Rik Yoshida): overleaf link

The National Academy of Sciences report, when published, should be linked to this page under Reports.


Older Information


  • WBS document (xlsx), (pdf)
    • Jan 13 2015 version from Leigh Harwood
    • Cross-indexed to TDR sections Oct 25 2017
  • TDR outline (pdf)
    • Last updated Tue Oct 31 2017
    • Includes many suggested writing assignments
  • Reference slides from collaboration meeting and recent talks (pdf)
  • Above documents and source managed on Dropbox; contact Todd for an invitation

Outstanding items

  • By Oct 31 2017: Collect initial draft machine tables/reference documents
    • Requested at Sep 22 and Oct 6 integration meetings.
    • Collect in DocDB and update versions as needed throughout pCDR process.
    • Oct 30: Vasiliy asked for delay to end Nov 2017
  • By Nov 3 2017: Identify all potential section/subsection contributors
  • By Nov 10 2017: Confirm all potential section/subsection contributors

Large-Scale Timeline

  • End 2017: Freeze accelerator circumferences?
  • End Feb 2018: Freeze tunnel dimensions for civil engineering evaluation?
  • Mar 2018: eRHIC pCDR delivery goal (V. Ptitsyn, Fall 2017 Collaboration Meeting)
  • Apr-Jul 2018: NAS Committee report expected (empaneled Dec 2016 with 18 month duration)
  • Jun 18-22 2018: JLab User's Group Meeting (JLab)
  • Jul 30-Aug 4 2018: EICUG Meeting (Catholic University)
  • End FY18: JLEIC pCDR delivery goal

Errata (reverse time order)

  • Dec 6 2017: Todd in motor vehicle collision, out from work to Jan 22 2018
  • Nov 14 2017: Provided information to Tief on example diagnostics sections from previous TDRs, documents
  • Nov 13 2017: First kick-off presentation by Y. Zhang to engineering etc staff, coordinated by T. Michalski
  • Oct 31 2017: Planning and facilities meetings: Schedule needs development by end Nov for labor coordination. Will likely become standing tracking/labor item at monthly P&C meeting run by Allison Lung. Rusty and Dave will do facilities and environmental work. Utility distributions need "a few month" lead.
  • Oct 31 2017: Spoke with Dave Gaskell about ion polarimetry. He presented some slides at the Oct 11 detector meeting and has chatted with BNL folks, but has some concerns. He suggested engaging James Maxwell of the polarized source group (with MIT polarimetry experience) for input.
    • Present RHIC state of the art for polarization measurements (order of 2% systematic) may not meet white paper needs (perhaps 1% though ill-defined)
    • Ion polarimeters really only work well for transverse polarization but do not work well for longitudinal polarization; longitudinal polarization mostly expected near experiment, with direction not defined well elsewhere in ion collider ring.
    • Rik notes in Nov 1 email that we need to establish a credible ion polarimetry scheme, and will organize a task force in a few weeks.
  • Oct 26 2017: Vasiliy noted that Booster polarization dynamics were investigated in an IPAC'17 paper.
  • Oct 26 2017: Todd started collecting JLEIC references organized by topic/machine region.
  • Oct 25 2017: Yuhong noted that the ion collider section should include some details on transition crossing. Todd will coordinate with Vasiliy. Note that proton injection may be sufficiently close to existing collider ring gammaT to warrant some concern.