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Sep 22 2017 JLEIC Ion Integration Meeting

pCDR Planning

  • Presented pCDR planning slides at Sep 13-15 AAC meeting
  • Bob McKeown also showed the current JLEIC strategy and organization
    • Todd and Rik are leading documentation and pCDR efforts
    • The pCDR is not just a technical design report
  • A portion of the pCDR is consistent technical design of all accelerator segments
  • The most current (very drafty) pCDR outline is located here (Dropbox link)

Near Term Action Items

  • By Tue Oct 3
    • Identify and prioritize remaining work needed on accelerator segments to deliver relevant consistent pCDR draft sections by April/May 2018
    • Will review and collate at next integration/pCDR meeting (Fri Oct 6)
  • By Tue Oct 31
    • Draft initial machine segment documentation
    • Zip file of "template" (Todd's Booster tech note) located here
    • Iterations, if needed, at Fri Oct 20 integration/pCDR meeting

pCDR Accelerator Segment Needs

  • Polarized Ion Source (Amy)
  • Heavy Ion Source (Amy)
  • Ion RFQs/Linac (Brahim)
  • Linac to Booster Transfer Line (?)
  • Ion Booster (Ed/Todd)
  • Booster to Collider Transfer Line (?)
  • Ion Collider Ring (Vasiliy)
  • CEBAF (Jiquan)
  • CEBAF to Collider Transfer Line (Yves)
  • Electron Collider Ring (Fanglei)
  • Low Energy Cooler (Yuhong)
  • High Energy Cooler (Steve)