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Jun 16 2017 JLEIC Documentation Discussion

Observations Re JLEIC DocDB

  • Todd notes that some recent DocDB items have inconsistent top-level parameter lists
  • For example, 31-v2 and 90-v1, both updated 11 May 2017, have differences between their 100 GeV p on 5 GeV e lists (rightmost parameter list of table 3 of 90-v1; p9 of 31-v2):
    • e/p RMS bunch lengths are different
    • p laslett tune shifts are different
    • e equilibrium emittances, beta*, vert beam-beam, detector space up/down are different
    • hourglass/lumi are different
  • There are also parameters being documented on the CASA wiki: https://casa.jlab.org/wiki/index.php/JLEIC_Baseline_Parameters
  • Biweekly "Ion Integration / Parameter Coordination" meetings F 13:30 (ARC 728) held by Todd

JLEIC Tech Notes, DocDB, Wiki

  • DocDB appears to be appropriate place for documentation
    • Todd has put an IPAC'16 paper on bunch splitting there
    • Pros: Topic/Group/Keyword classifications; title/abstract/author searchability; public/private visibility; multiple documents in one ID; lab-wide EIC documentation repository
    • Cons: No full text search; not integrated with JLab TN system; maintenance overhead?
  • CASA management are encouraging more active JLEIC documentation
    • Including one-off few-page tech notes, "live" documents including parameter narratives
  • Include collection/index of historical conference/arXiv papers?
    • Todd will start working on this at least as a personal resource
  • Philosophy of use?
    • All documents including talks at daily/weekly meetings?
    • Use wiki/DocDB combination for all meetings including collaboration meetings? (e.g. GlueX collaboration meetings)

JLEIC subversion repository

  • Currently used only for version control of JLEIC accelerator lattice files
    • Content presently in IonLinac, Booster, IonBooster2Collider, IonRing, ElectronRing
  • Plan to extend to include other JLEIC tools and scripts
  • To access:
    svn checkout https://jlabsvn.jlab.org/svnroot/jleic

JLEIC Parameters

  • There should be a (wiki page/web page/document) with links to current JLEIC parameters
  • These parameters really should be reasonably self-consistent
  • These parameters should be reviewed and released by a small JLEIC committee
    • Really?
    • If so, what is the membership of such a committee? (There is already a JLEIC accelerator advisory committee: Krafft, Derbenev, et al)
    • If so, review/release period? (Biannually seems to be a popular suggestion)
    • If so, how to coordinate review/release with JLEIC collaboration meetings?
      • Just before? Just after? In phase? 180 degrees out of phase?
  • Ed Nissen has suggested leveraging a notification service for updates similar to Automatic Terminal Information Service