Center for Advanced Studies of Accelerators

 CASA Seminars

2012 Beam Physics and CASA Seminars

12/20/12 The 2012 Higgs Factory Workshop, A Summary Slides Edward Nissen,
CASA Group, Jefferson Lab
12/13/12 An Accelerator Lattice with Non-Linear Transverse Motion Integrable in Polar Coordinates Timofey Zolkin
University of Chicago
12/6/12 Tracking and Analysis in the Lens* Paradigm Slides Etienne Forest
KEK/High Energy Accelerator Research Organization
11/12/12 Synchrotron Radiation Sources and Free-Electron Lasers - Research Tools of Extraordinary Versatility Slides John Galayda
SLAC National Accelerator Lab
10/16/12 European Spallation Source: An Intrduction and Latest Updates Stephen Molloy
European Spallation Source
9/20/12 Preliminary Study of Beam-Beam Effect on Polarization in RHIC Zhe Duan
Institute of High Energy Phsyics, China, Brookhaven National Lab
8/21/12 SRF Activities at CERN Slides Ed Ciapala
CERN BE-Department
8/21/12 A Possible ERL Test Facility at CERN Slides Erk Jensen
CERN BE-Department
8/2/12 Activities of Superconducting RF Accelerators at Nanjing University - Slides Sun An
Proton Linear Accelerator Institute, Nanjing University, China
6/14/12 The Linear Accelerator for the MYRRHA ADS - COLLOQUIUM Slides Dirk Vandeplassche, Luis Ramao Madeiros, Hamid Ait Abderrahim, Marc Schyns Belgium Nuclear Research Centre
6/14/12 Generation IV Advanced Nuclear Systems and Role of MYRRHA as Waste Transmutation R&D Facility - COLLOQUIUM Slides Hamid Ait Abderrahim
Belgium Nuclear Research Centre
6/7/12 Transverse-to-Longitudinal Phase-Space Exchange: Recent Experiments and Future Applications Slides Philippe Piot
Northern Illinois University, Fermi National Lab
5/31/12 Overview of Accelerator R&Ds and Status of FEL Program at Shanghai Light Source Haixiao Deng
Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
5/17/12 Surface Impedance of Superconducting Radio Frequency (SRF) Materials Binping Xiao
College of William & Mary, Jefferson Lab
4/23/12 The Goubau Line - A Virtual Beam for Testing of Beam Instrumentation Beyond 1 GHz Julien Bergoz and Frank Stulle
Bergoz Instrumentation
3/22/12 Effects of Impurities on the Superheating Field of Type ll Superconductors F. Pei-Jen Lin, Argonne National Lab
A. Gurevich, Old Dominion University
3/15/12 The Paul Trap Simulator Experiment: Studying Transverse Beam Dynamics in a Compact Laboratory Experiment Slides Erik P. Gilson
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
3/8/12 Varian Medical Systems Past, Present and Future James E. Clayton
Varian Medical Systems, Inc.
3/1/12 RF Deflectors: Options for 12 GeV CEBAF Shahid Ahmed
Jefferson Lab
2/16/12 Nb3Sn and Superconducting Radio Frequency Cavities: Its Potential, and Lessons from Bulk, Thin Film and Wire Fabrication Arno Godeke
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab