Beam Physics Seminar

Thursday, May 11, 2006, 3:30 PM
ARC, Room 231/233

PARMELA modeling and beam-based measurements in the JLab Upgrade FEL Injector

Carlos Hernandez-Garcia and Kevin Beard

The PARMELA FEL model has been a very important tool to understand and setup the injector since the early stages of the 10kW Upgrade IR FEL commissioning. We will discuss why this is true and how we have achieved confidence in the model. A very limited set of beam-based measurements have been performed in the injector, but an extensive modeling has been done in an effort to compare the behavior of both, machine and model by observing the derivatives of a particular diagnostic as a function of a particular variable, instead of just comparing absolute values. Several modifications to the PARMELA FEL source code have been implanted to make the modeling results a little bit closer to reality. These modifications will also be described.

Talk Slides: (Slides)