CASA Seminar

Thurday, June 16, 2005, 3:30 PM
ARC, Auditorium

Schemes of Superradiant Emission from Electron Beams and "Spin-Flip Emission of Radiation"
Avi Gover
Tel-Aviv University

A unified analysis for Superradiant emission from bunched electron beams in various kinds of radiation scheme is presented. Radiation schemes, that can be described by the formulation, include Pre-bunched FEL (PB-FEL), Coherent Synchrotron Radiation (CSR), Smith-Purcell Radiation, Cerenkov-Radiation, Transition-Radiation and more. The theory is based on mode excitation formulation either discrete or continuous (the latter - in open structures). The discrete mode formulation permits simple evaluation of the spatially coherent power and spectral power of the source. These figures of merit of the radiation scale like the square of the number of electrons, orders of magnitude more than spontaneous emission. The formulation applies to emission from single electron bunches, periodically bunched beams, or emission from a finite number of bunches in a macro-pulse. We have recently employed the formulation to calculate a new kind of coherent radiation from electron beam: enhanced Electron-Spin-Resonance Emission from a polarized electron beam. Estimates of the characteristics and possible applications of this effect will be presented.

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