Beam Physics Seminar

Friday, October 3, 2003, 10:00 AM
ARC Bldg. Room 231/233

Luminosity Concepts and Issues of the Electron-Light Ion Collider (Part II)

Yaroslav Derbenev

We will discuss the constraints and possible solutions for luminosity level up to 1035/cm2s of the proposed Electron-Light Ion Collider at CEBAF (ELIC) based on use of 5-7 GeV multi-turn ERL (linac with circulator-collider ring, kicker operated) and 30-150 GeV ion storage ring with electron cooling (EC). The currently composed ELIC scheme will be presented. The EC decreases the ion emittances and prevents their grow up due to the multiple and single intra-beam scattering (IBS) and long term beam-beam interaction. Optimized cooling schemes will be briefly discussed. EC in cooperation with a strong SRF bunching field allows one to approach very short ion bunches, hence to design the low beta interaction points (IP). Short bunches also make feasible the crab crossing colliding beams. This would allow one to raise the collision rate up to the basic RF mode of the ERL (1.5 GHz). The studying of the luminosity lifetime issues has led one to a conclusion that the flat beams are beneficial for colliders with EC as a way to diminish the IBS impact on luminosity. These considerations and other advances and issues have been addressed to the developing of the luminosity calculator and formulating the minimum requirements to the polarized electron sources and low energy part of ion accelerator complex.

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