Special Beam Physics Seminar

Thursday, 6/19, 11:00 am-12:00 noon
Note--Different day, time, and room

Simulations and Observations of Beam-beam effects at the Tevatron in Fermilab

Meiqin Xiao

We discuss the impact of the beam-beam interactions on RUN IIa operation at present parameters. In RUN IIa the Tevatron is operating with 36 proton and 36 anti-proton bunches. Each anti-proton bunch experiences 72 long range beam-beam interactions at injection, two head-on and 70 long-rang beam-beam interactions at collision. At injection, we look at the liner and non-linear contribution of beam-beam effects under present machine conditions. At collision, we look at the beam-beam effects under design machine conditions, since anti-proton and proton lifetimes are not much affected by beam-beam at present intensities. Comparisons of calculations with observations and experiments are also presented in this report.

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