CASA Seminar

Tuesday, December 3, 2002
!!! Note, Different Day !!!
3:00 PM
ARC 231/233

The 4GLS Energy Recovering Light Source Program at Daresbury Laboratory

Elaine Seddon
Daresbury Laboratory, UK

The 4GLS is one of the major components of the Centre for Accelerator Science Imaging and Medicine - CASIM - which is to be based at Daresbury Laboratory in the UK. The 4GLS is a suite of accelerator-based light sources designed to complement the ESRF and DIAMOND third generation sources by providing state of the art radiation in the low energy photon regime - from the far infrared to the extreme ultraviolet. In the initial phase 4GLS will have three main components: At its heart will be a low energy (800 MeV) energy recovering linac which will provide optimized radiation from a variety of undulators. Bending magnets radiation will also be available for those experiments for which it is the source of choice. Incorporated in the energy recovering ring will be a special high precision undulator that is the core of a cavity VUV free electron laser. The third part of the system is a stand alone infrared freel electron laser. This talk will cover the basic aspects of the design and give an overview of the applications of such a groundbreaking source. Further details may be found at

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