CASA Seminar

Friday, September 27, 2002, 10:00 AM
ARC 231/233

Sources of Polarized Light Ions for the EIC

Vladimir P. Derenchuk
Indiana University Cyclotron Facility

Pulsed sources of polarized negative ions are now capable of producing multi-milliampere beams (peak intensities) for acceleration and strip injection into synchrotrons. Multi-milliampere polarized sources are operating at INR Troitsk, BNL, until recently at the Indiana University Cooler ring, and in the future at COSY/Jülich. At BNL, an optically pumped polarized ion source (OPPIS) produces about 1 mA of polarized H- ions. Future development of this technique could improve the output to > 10 mA but significantly less for polarized D- beams. The resonant charge-exchange technique is used to ionize polarized atoms at INR, IUCF, and in the future at COSY. At IUCF, beam intensities of >2 mA of D- ions have been achieved. Development work at INR shows room for significant improvement. This resonant charge-exchange method is proposed by Alexander Belov at INR, Moscow to produce polarized 3He beams. The state-of-the-art of these types of sources is reviewed. The experiences of operating the IUCF source with milliampere polarized beams of H and D will be described.

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