Beam Physics Seminar

Friday, Sept. 6, 2002, 10:00 AM
ARC 231/233

Neutrino Factory - Beam Dynamics of Muon Acceleration

Alex Bogacz

Recent developments in particle accelerators make it possible to conceive of intense neutrino beams based on the decay of a very intense beam of stored muons: a Neutrino Factory. A conceptual design of a muon acceleration scheme based on recirculating superconducting linacs is proposed. Acceleration of a muon beam is a challenging task because of a large source phase space and short species lifetime. In the presented scenario, acceleration starts after ionization cooling at 210 MeV/c and proceeds to 20 GeV, where the beam is injected into a neutrino factory storage ring. The key technical issues are addressed; such as: the choice of acceleration technology (superconducting versus normal conducting) and the choice of RF frequency, and finally, implementation of the overall acceleration scheme: capture, acceleration, transport and preservation of large phase space of fast decaying species. Beam transport issues for large-momentum-spread beams are accommodated by appropriate lattice design choices. Presented proof-of-principle optics for all arcs with the horizontal separation of multi-pass beams has been tested via 6-D multi-particle tracking. The proposed lattics design is further optimized with a sextupole correction scheme to suppress chromatic effects contributing to emittance dilution.

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(Coffee before the seminar starting 9:30 AM)