Beam Physics Seminar

Thursday, May 30, 2002, 10:00 AM
ARC Bldg. Room 428
Note different date and location!!!

Manipulation and diagnosis of sub-ps electron beams

James Rosenzweig
Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, UCLA

In cutting-edge applications such as advanced accelerators and free-electron lasers, very high brightness beams of duration shorter than a picosecond are required. Further, these applications demand specific types of longitudinal beam profiles, such as pulse trains, and ramped pulses. The production of such types of beams present challenges both in technique, and in the instrumentation required to verify the method employed. The techniques for producing such short beams that have received the most investigation in recent years include chicane compression, and modulation via free-electron laser mechanism and its inverse. We discuss the principles and relevant single particle and collective effects (such as coherent synchrotron radiation instability) which impact their performance. We review experimental progress in implementing these schemes at UCLA and collaborating institutions, as well as newer concepts such as relativistic velocity bunching and use of negative R56 compressors. We also discuss the challenges in diagnosing these stateľof-the-art beam systems.

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(Coffee before the seminar starting 9:30 AM)