Beam Physics Seminar

Wednesday, February 6, 2002 (Note different day!!!)
10:30 AM
ARC Bldg. Room 231/233

Neutrino Factory Studies at CERN

Klaus Hanke

A Neutrino Factory based on a muon storage ring is the ultimate tool to study neutrino oscillations and possibly leptonic CP violation. It is also the first step towards mu+ mu- colliders. The scheme studied at CERN comprises a 2.2 GeV/4 MW superconducting proton linac in combination with an accumulator/compressor ring, a mercury jet target with a magnetic horn collection system, pion decay channel, muon phase rotation and cooling as well as accelerators and decay ring. All components will be adressed with emphasis given to the muon front-end.

Talk Slides: PDF

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