Beam Physics Seminar

Friday, November 2, 2001
10:30 AM
ARC Bldg. Room 231/233

Recirculating Linac Light Sources

Geoff Krafft

Interest in the subject of recirculating electron accelerators is rising because of the advantages of such accelerator beams in a wide variety of potential applications. Examples of applications include high energy nuclear physics accelerators, high average power free electron lasers, electron ion colliding beam accelerators, and the subject of this workshop, recirculating linac driven synchrotron light sources. Examples of potential advantages of such accelerators compared to conventional linacs or storage rings are: superior beam emittances both longitudinal and transverse, the ability to manipulate the bunch length of the beam into the 100 fsec regime, and because of the development in superconducting cavities for accelerators, the ability to transfer energy into and out of the accelerator beam very efficiently. Partly because of this interest, Jefferson Lab recently sponsored a course on the subject of recirculating electron accelerators. In this review talk, the authors will present a condensed summary of the course lectures, paying particular attention to the phenomena that are likely to limit the performance of such accelerators in the future

Talk Slides: PDF

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