US Particle Accelerator School Lecture Notes

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Accelerator Physics

        Alex Bogacz and Geoff Krafft with Subashini De Silva and Randika Gamage

        June 13 - 24, 2016   Colorado State University - Ft. Collins, CO

Course Outline    
Lecture 1: Relativity, EM Forces - Historical Introduction Alex Bogacz
Lecture 2: Weak Focusing and Transverse Stability Geoff Krafft
Lecture 3: Linear Optics Geoff Krafft
Lecture 4: Phase Stability, Synchrotron Motion Alex Bogacz
Lecture 5: Magnetic Multipoles, Magnet Design Alex Bogacz
Lecture 6: Particle Acceleration [ppt] Geoff Krafft
Lecture 7: Coupled Betatron Motion I Alex Bogacz
Lecture 8: Synchrotron Radiation Geoff Krafft
Lecture 9: Coupled Betatron Motion II Alex Bogacz
Lecture 10: Fundamentals of RF Cavities Subashini De Silva
Lecture 11: Radiation Distributions Geoff Krafft
Lecture 12: Beam Dynamics of Energy Recovering Linacs Alex Bogacz
Lecture 13: X-Ray Sources/FELs Geoff Krafft
Lecture 14: Radiation Damping Alex Bogacz
Lecture 15: Statistical and Collective Effects I Geoff Krafft
Lecture 16: Low Emittance Lattices Alex Bogacz
Lecture 17: Statistical and Collective Effects II Geoff Krafft
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June 17, 2016
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June 24, 2016