Charlie Sinclair at Jlab

Dr. Swapan Chattopadhyay
Associate Director for Accelerators, Jeffereson Lab,
Governor's Distinguished CEBAF Professor of SURA

Charlie Sinclair's contributions to the physics and technology that has been at the heart of major advances in nuclear and particle physics for the past four decades have been known by his colleagues all along but seldom celebrated! On the eve of his departure from Jefferson Lab after a long and distinguished career, which followed an equally long and eventful career at Stanford University's linear accelerator facility (SLAC), it is only appropriate that we make special note of his lifelong achievements as a scientist, as a colleague with rare human values, as a person of the outdoors with many climbs to his credit and as a mentor of a generation of students, scientists and friends. Please join me in celebrating Charlie Sinclair in a 'Charlie Fest' which we have fondly named in his honor as the "Sinclair Symposium On Photoelectron Injectors and Applications", to be held at Jefferson Lab in the afternoon and evening of October 26, 2001. The agenda and details are attached. "Vive l'esprit de Charlie!!!".