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Beam Physics and CASA Seminars: 2001

CASA Seminar Committee
Chair:   Alex Bogacz
Members:    Carlos Hernandez- Garcia, Anne-Marie Valente and Gwyn Williams

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12/28/01 HAPPY Holiday!
12/21/01 HAPPY Holiday!
12/14/01 HAPPY Holiday!
12/11/01 CASA Serminar   High Brightness sub-ps Electron Beams: Production and Application to X-ray FELs      (slides) Luca Serafini, University of Milan and INFN-Milan
12/7/01 CASA Serminar   National Road Map for HEP for the Next Twenty Years      (slides) Norbert Holtkamp, SNS, ORNL
11/30/01 Surface Roughness Wakefield Experiment at ATF and Beam Simulation for DC Gun Based Injector for PERL     (slides part 1, part 2) Feng Zhou, UCLA/BNL
11/16/01 Recent Developments in Superconducting RF Free Electron Lasers      (slides) Lia Merminga, CASA
11/09/01 CASA Serminar  
Space Charge Dominated Beams      (slides)
Patrick O'Shea, U. Maryland
11/07/01 CASA Serminar   Accelerators and Light Sources for Scientific Applications - Trends and Opportunities      (slides) V. Litvinenko,
Duke Univ.
11/02/01 Recirculating Linac Light Sources      (slides) Geoffrey Krafft, CASA
10/26/01 Sinclair Symposium on Photoelectron Injectors and Applications
10/19/01 CASA Serminar   Chirped-Beam Two-Stage SASE-FEL for High Power Femtosecond X-Ray Pulse Generation      (slides) Carl B. Schroeder, UCLA/SLAC
10/12/01 CASA Serminar   Rapid Evolution of Charged-Particle Beams and Galaxies      (slides) Courtlandt L. Bohn, Fermilab
10/05/01 No Seminar
9/28/01 Cold electrons from GaAs-photocathodes      (slides) Dimitry Orlov, Max Planck Institute, Heidelberg
9/21/01 Multi-Pass Energy-Recovered Linacs for Light Sources      (Slides part 1, part 2) Andrew Hutton,
Dave Douglas and
Mike Tiefenback
9/7/01 Reactive RF Control Model for Superconducting Cavities      (slides) Yaroslav Derbenev
8/31/01 Simulation of Ion Effects in Microwave Tubes      (slides) Henry Freund
8/24/01 Image Charge Undulator - Proof-of-Principle     (slides) Jim Boyce
8/17/01 Statistical Analysis of Cavity Arc Faults at CEBAF January 1997 through January 2001 Jay Benesch
8/10/01 RF Picosecond Timing Technique Based on Secondary Electron Emission      (slides) Amour Margaryan
8/3/01 Betatron Motion with Coupling of Horizontal and Vertical Degrees of Freedom      (slides) Alex Bogacz
Summer Hiatus
6/8/01 Optimizing Orbit Correction Configuration - Method and Applications      (slides) Yuchiu Chao
6/1/01 CASA Serminar   Measurements and Simulations of CSR Effects in the APS Bunch Compressor      (slides) Michael Borland, APS, Argonne

For more information, please contact Dr. Alex Bogacz, Chair of CASA Seminar Committee

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