CASA Seminars

Beam Physics and CASA Seminars: 2001

CASA Seminar Committee
Chair:   Alex Bogacz
Members:    Carlos Hernandez- Garcia, Anne-Marie Valente and Gwyn Williams

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Michael Borland, APS, Argonne
12/28/01 HAPPY Holiday!
12/21/01 HAPPY Holiday!
12/14/01 HAPPY Holiday!
12/11/01 CASA Serminar   High Brightness sub-ps Electron Beams: Production and Application to X-ray FELs      (slides) Luca Serafini, University of Milan and INFN-Milan
12/7/01 CASA Serminar   National Road Map for HEP for the Next Twenty Years      (slides) Norbert Holtkamp, SNS, ORNL
11/30/01 Surface Roughness Wakefield Experiment at ATF and Beam Simulation for DC Gun Based Injector for PERL     (slides part 1, part 2) Feng Zhou, UCLA/BNL
11/16/01 Recent Developments in Superconducting RF Free Electron Lasers      (slides) Lia Merminga, CASA
11/09/01 CASA Serminar  
Space Charge Dominated Beams      (slides)
Patrick O'Shea, U. Maryland
11/07/01 CASA Serminar   Accelerators and Light Sources for Scientific Applications - Trends and Opportunities      (slides) V. Litvinenko,
Duke Univ.
11/02/01 Recirculating Linac Light Sources      (slides) Geoffrey Krafft, CASA
10/26/01 Sinclair Symposium on Photoelectron Injectors and Applications
10/19/01 CASA Serminar   Chirped-Beam Two-Stage SASE-FEL for High Power Femtosecond X-Ray Pulse Generation      (slides) Carl B. Schroeder, UCLA/SLAC
10/12/01 CASA Serminar   Rapid Evolution of Charged-Particle Beams and Galaxies      (slides) Courtlandt L. Bohn, Fermilab
10/05/01 No Seminar
9/28/01 Cold electrons from GaAs-photocathodes      (slides) Dimitry Orlov, Max Planck Institute, Heidelberg
9/21/01 Multi-Pass Energy-Recovered Linacs for Light Sources      (Slides part 1, part 2) Andrew Hutton,
Dave Douglas and
Mike Tiefenback
9/7/01 Reactive RF Control Model for Superconducting Cavities      (slides) Yaroslav Derbenev
8/31/01 Simulation of Ion Effects in Microwave Tubes      (slides) Henry Freund
8/24/01 Image Charge Undulator - Proof-of-Principle     (slides) Jim Boyce
8/17/01 Statistical Analysis of Cavity Arc Faults at CEBAF January 1997 through January 2001 Jay Benesch
8/10/01 RF Picosecond Timing Technique Based on Secondary Electron Emission      (slides) Amour Margaryan
8/3/01 Betatron Motion with Coupling of Horizontal and Vertical Degrees of Freedom      (slides) Alex Bogacz
Summer Hiatus
6/8/01 Optimizing Orbit Correction Configuration - Method and Applications      (slides) Yuchiu Chao
6/1/01 CASA Serminar   Measurements and Simulations of CSR Effects in the APS Bunch Compressor      (slides)