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CASA Seminar

Friday, November 5, 2004, 9:30 AM
ARC, 231/233

Physical Optics Methods and Software for Synchrotron Radiation Wavefront Calculations
Oleg Chubar
Soleil Synchrotron Lab, France

Physical Optics based methods and a computer code for simulation of emission and propagation of fully and partially coherent wavefronts of synchrotron radiation will be presented. The talk will start with the methods of efficient integration of retarded potentials, which describe the emission by relativistic charged particles in free space, as observed in near and far field regions. Then, peculiarities of spontaneous emission in different types of magnetic fields, including constant and sharply-changing fields of dipole magnets, as well as periodic fields of planar and elliptical undulators, will be discussed. The discussion will include the analysis of optical phase distortions specific to the nature of synchrotron radiation. After this, the numerical simulation of the wavefront propagation through various optical elements and drift spaces, based on the Kichhoff theorem, and the Huygens-Fresnel principle, will be described. This method is much more precise and more informative than the traditional Geometrical Optics based ray-tracing, in particular for diffraction-limited radiation sources. Thanks to the use of the Fourier optics approach with a prime-factor 2D FFT, this method is also CPU-efficient. The talk will include simulation examples made for different synchrotron radiation sources, in wide spectral range extending from far infrared to hard X-rays, for the purposes of optimisation of the sources, beamline design, coherence characterization, and electron beam diagnostics. The computer code used for these simulations is called SRW (states for “Synchrotron Radiation Workshop”). It was started in the group of Insertion Devices of the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, and is now supported by Synchrotron SOLEIL (France).

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