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CASA Seminar

Friday, March 19, 2004, 9:30 AM
ARC, 231/233

PrimEx: Measurement of the π0 Lifetime

David Lawrence
University of Massachusetts

The π0 decay proceeds primarily through the chiral anamoly and is arguably the most definitive test of confinement scale QCD. This decay width can be measured through the π0 photoproduction cross section via the Primakoff effect γγ->π0. A new, high precision measurement (~1.5%) of the width Γ(π0->γγ) will be performed at Jefferson Lab using a new hybrid electromagnetic calorimeter (HYCAL) currently under construction. The calorimeter will contain approximately 1700 channels comprised of both lead-tungstate(PbWO4) crystals and lead-glass Cherenkov detectors. Monitoring of the photon beam luminosity at the 1% level is required to achieve the overall precision goals. The high precision required for this experiment has posed significant technical challenges in several areas. A description of the experiment will be given with particular emphasis on the design of the triggering and DAQ systems

Talk Slides: (slides)

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