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CASA Seminar

Friday, January 31, 2003, 10:00 AM
ARC Bldg. Room 231/233

Beam Physics at the APS

Katherine Harkay
APS, Argonne

The development of high-brilliance, hard x-ray synchrotron radiation sources enables a broad range of basic and applied research. Maintaining high performance in these sources is a primary goal, as is understanding their limitations. The accelerator physics (AP) group at the Advance Photon Source is involved in a number of areas of research that address both the near-term requirements of users as well as the future development of the APS in the longer-term. In this talk, I will focus on experimental and analytic efforts to characterize the collective instability thresholds and machine impedance in the storage ring. The goal for these studies is overcoming the intensity limitations in a single bunch in the near term. However, understanding the machine in more detail will enable us to design and develop future capabilities with greater confidence. In parallel, the AP group is also developing techniques to characterize the storage ring lattice and develop new injectors. I will discuss these briefly in the context of longer-term goals.

Talk Slides: slides

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