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Lia Merminga

Director, CASA


  • Center for Advanced Studies of Accelerators
    Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
    12000 Jefferson Avenue, Newport News, VA 23606
  • 757-269-6281 (phone)
    757-269-5024 (fax)

CV with a full publication list.


  • B.S. Physics 1983, University of Athens, Greece
  • M.S. Physics 1986, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
  • M.S. Mathematics 1987, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
  • Ph.D. Physics 1989, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI


  • Visiting Scientist, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, April 1989- May 1992
  • Staff Scientist, Jefferson Lab, July 1992 - April 2002
  • Director, CASA, May 2002 - present


  • National Scholarship Foundation of Greece: 1978-1982

Research Highlights:

Accelerator physics, energy recovering linacs, high average power FELs, linac-ring colliders, multibunch instabilities in recirculating linacs, rf control and modeling, nonlinear dynamics.

Selected Publications

  • “RF Stability in Energy Recovering FELs: Theory and Experiment”, L. Merminga, NIM-A (2001)

  • "Study for a Proposed Phase I Energy Recovery Linac (ERL) Synchrotron Light Source at Cornell University", I. Bazerov, S. Belomestnykh, D. Bilderback, K. Finkelstein, E. Fontes, S. Gray, S. M. Gruner, G. A. Krafft, L. Merminga, H. Padamsee, R. Helmke, Q. Shen, J. Rogers, C. Sinclair, R. Talman, and M. Tigner, CHESS Technical Memo 01-003, JLAB-ACT-01-04 (2001)

  • "An Energy Recovery Electron Linac-on-Proton Ring Collider", L. Merminga, G. A. Krafft, V. Lebedev, Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on High Energy Accelerators, Tsukuba, Japan (2001)

  • “Sustained Kilowatt Lasing in a Free-Electron Laser with Same-Cell Energy Recovery", G. R. Neil, C. L. Bohn, S. V. Benson, G. Biallas, D. Douglas, H. F. Dylla, R. Evans, J. Fugitt, A. Grippo, J. Gubeli, R. Hill, K. Jordan, G. A. Krafft, R. Li, L. Merminga, P. Piot, J. Preble, M. Shinn, T. Siggins, R. Walker, and B. Yunn, Physical Review Letters, vol.84, no.4, p.662-5 (2000)

  • “Analysis of the FEL-RF interaction in recirculating, energy-recovering linacs with an FEL”, L. Merminga, P. Alexeev, S. Benson, A. Bolshakov, L. Doolittle, G. Neil, NIM-A, vol.429, no.1-3, p.58-64 (1999)

  • “Collimation systems for a TeV linear collider”, N. Merminga, J. Irwin, R. Helm, R.D. Ruth, Particle Accelerators, vol.48, no.2, p.85-108 (1994)

  • “Transverse phase space in the presence of dispersion”, N. Merminga, P.L. Morton, J.T. Seeman, W.L. Spence, Proceedings of Particle Accelerator Conference, San Francisco, CA (1991)

  • “Experimental investigation of nonlinear dynamics in the Fermilab Tevatron”, Chao, A.; Johnson, D.; Peggs, S.; Peterson, J.; Saltmarsh, C.; Schachinger, L., SSC Central Design Group; Meller, R.; Siemann, R.; Talman, R., Cornell University; Morton, P., SLAC; Edwards, D.; Finley, D.; Gerig, R.; Gelfand, N.; Harrison, M.; Johnson, R.; Merminga, N.; Syphers M., FNAL; Physical Review Letters; vol.61, no.24, p.2752-5 (1988)
(and complete list of papers)

Seminars and Conference Presentations

  • “Recent Developments in Superconducting RF Free Electron Lasers," Invited talk presented at the 10th Workshop on RF Superconductivity, Tsukuba, Japan, September 2001

  • "Linac-Ring Colliders," Invited talk presented at Snowmass, July 2001

  • "An Energy Recovery Electron Linac-on-Ring Collider," Invited talk presented at the 2nd EPIC Workshop, MIT, September 2000

  • “Energy Recovery,” Invited talk presented at the 2nd eRHIC Workshop, Yale University, April 2000

  • “RF Systems,” US Particle Accelerator School course taught in UCLA, January 1994

Professional Activities

  • Organized the first International Workshop on Low-Level RF Controls for Superconducting Linacs, Jefferson Lab, April 2001

  • Member of American Physical Society

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